Sustaining Public Engagement

Having conversations with, learning from others outside of your own field, and working alongside specialist not traditionally recognized by academic institutions is vital to the co-creation, circulating, and sustainment of humanistic knowledge. Learners of all skill levels benefit when teachers, scholars, practitioners, activist, and organizers come together for the public good. This practice breathes new approaches into outdated humanities and social science fields. Now, more than ever, the critical exploration and skilled collaboration between humanists from different regions requires attention for the creation of new knowledge. This has a greater significance for historically marginalized people of the US forced to rapidly assimilate. Meaningful interactions hold the key to unearth lost sacred ways of living destroyed when Black and Native people adopted Euro-American values. Aspects of this program still exist today in the form of racist laws, outdated school curriculums, hiring practices, and among many others, the western diet. To be frank, racism and white supremacy dominate the fabric of our American society, and education at large. Questions for the educator to consider:

How do teachers co-create knowledge?

How do departments co-create knowledge?

How is new knowledge sustained for the public good?

What public educational artifacts do humanists have the potential to produce/and or unearth in a good way?

Community Engagement Informing the Mesoamerican Clay-Figurine Project

Check out some of these videos compiled over the years.

A short story about the Ants and Quetzalcoatl with Dr. Roberto Cintli Rodríguez at A.R.E. LA meeting.
Maestra Lupe Carrasco-Cardona and Cintli exchange a few words on building relationships and the continual banning of books…
See also Maestra Lupe’s La Trenza YouTube Channel

Critical Research Supporting the Mesoamerican Clay-Figurine Project

Articles from the fields of Ethnic Studies, CRT, Indigenous Studies, Clay-Work in Psychotherapy, and Student Mental Health.